Capacity Strengthening

Capacity strengthening activities will stress the importance of empowering individuals and institutions through thematic and technical knowledge enhancement and experience. This will include both the capacity to undertake high-quality intersectoral research, and the capacity to make effective use of such research findings in policy arenas, through appropriate advocacy and communications. Main activities will revolve around development of training/orientation sessions for key stakeholders, development of e-learning courses and upgrading of university curricula in selected developing countries. The main anticipated output is an enhanced capacity for sustained collaboration between the agriculture and health sectors at international, regional and national levels leading to better integrated, more effective policies. Key milestones are: i) greater awareness of linkages, and commitment to address them; ii) improved thematic, technical and operational knowledge of partners; iii) enhanced quality and relevance of research output; iv) enhanced impact in the policy and program domain; and v) stronger and more sustainable networks.