Policy Communications

Effective communication among partners and more widely will be a key pillar of the Platform. In addition to virtual networking, through email forums and conference calls, annual meetings of the core group will be organized. Global communication with different stakeholders and donors will also be necessary for the visibility of the Platform as well as for advocacy purposes. International conferences of the agriculture and public health communities will be targeted for dissemination of Platform outputs and for interaction with wider communities. Publications and other outputs targeted to different audiences will be produced to enhance impact. These will include journal articles, books, policy briefs, web-based material, email forums and material for adaptable use with grassroots organizations and other communities of practice. In addition to outreach, and drawing from RENEWAL experience, the Platform will develop systems of "inreach"– that is, forging links from the outset between researchers and practitioners so that research priorities are generated by those who most need solutions. Collectively, the research development process, final study findings, partnerships formed, along with the workshops, conferences, policy papers, and briefs are important outputs and conduits to impact.