RENEWAL 3 Workshop
12-14 March 2007
Workshop Report: (PDF 232K)

12 March  |  13 March  |  14 March

12 March
  • Introduction and objectives of workshop
    • RENEWAL, origins and evolution
      Stuart Gillespie, IFPRI-RENEWAL
  • RENEWAL: past, present, future
    • Brief highlights of past research
      Suneetha Kadiyala, IFPRI-RENEWAL
    • Current RENEWAL research
  • Country policy updates and discussion
    • Kenya
      Margaret Akinyi Wagah, RENEWAL National Coordinator
    • Malawi
      Sam Bota, RENEWAL National Coordinator
    • South Africa
      Scott Drimie, RENEWAL National Coordinator
    • Uganda
      Peter Atekyereza, RENEWAL National Coordinator
    • Zambia
      Petan Hamazakaza, RENEWAL National Coordinator
  • RENEWAL 3 - Setting the Scene and Flagship Projects
    • Theme 1: AIDS, agriculture and livelihood security
      • Protecting livelihoods and ensuring food security in the time of AIDS: An assessment of the Role and Impact of the Junior Farmer Field and Life School Programme
        Josee Koch, FAO
    • Theme 2: AIDS, community resilience and social protection
      • HSRC Early Childhood Development Project
        Presented by Michelle Adato, IFPRI-RENEWAL, for Miriam Altman, HSRC
      • AIDS, Community Resilience, and Social Protection
        Stephen Devereux, IDS Sussex
    • Theme 3: AIDS and nutrition security
      • Integrating Nutrition Security into AIDS Care & treatment
        Christine Nabiryo, TASO
13 March
    • AIDS, Poverty, and Food Security: Challenges for the Next 25 Years
      Thom Jayne, MSU
    • Thematic Breakout Groups
14 March
  • Thematic Breakout Groups Feedback and Discussion
    • Theme 1
    • Theme 2
      Michelle Adato, IFPRI-RENEWAL
    • Theme 3
  • Additional complementary presentations from partners
    • Care
      Leah Berkowitz, CARE International
    • Concern
      Fiona Edwards and Susan Amoaten, Concern Worldwide
    • UN and Partners Alliance
      Josee Koch, FAO
    • VSO-Raisa
      Stephen Porter, VSO-RAISA
    • WorldFish Center
      Isaac Malasha, WorldFish Center
  • Capacity strengthening and policy communications
    • Capacity Strengthening
      Bruce Frayne, IFPRI-RENEWAL
    • Communications
      Noora-Lisa Aberman, IFPRI-RENEWAL
  • Wrap-up
    • Conclusions and Next Steps
      Stuart Gillespie, IFPRI-RENEWAL