HIV, Livelihoods, Food and Nutrition Security
Findings from RENEWAL Research (2007-2008) - 18 Briefs
July 2008
  1. Food Prices and the AIDS Response: How they are linked, and what can be done
    Stuart Gillespie
    Brief: (PDF 155K)
  2. Linking Nutritional Support with Treatment of People Living with HIV: Lessons being Learned in Kenya
    Elizabeth Byron, Stuart Gillespie, and Mabel Nangami
    Brief: (PDF 143K)
  3. The Effects of Increasing Rates of AIDS-related Illness and Death on Rural Families in Zomba District, Malawi: A Longitudinal Study
    Pauline E Peters, Daimon Kambewa and Peter Walker
    Brief: (PDF 144K)
  4. Is Poverty or Wealth Driving HIV Transmission?
    Stuart Gillespie, Suneetha Kadiyala and Robert Greener
    Brief: (PDF 144K)
  5. The Converging Impact of Tuberculosis, AIDS, and Food Insecurity in Zambia and South Africa
    Virginia Bond, Mutale Chileshe, Busi Magazi, Clare Sullivan
    Brief: (PDF 144K)
  6. Experiencing Vulnerability in Southern Africa: the interaction of multiple stressors
    Marisa Casale, Diana Chanika, Scott Drimie, Stuart Gillespie, Suneetha Kadiyala, Paul Msoma, Tim Quinlan, Gina Ziervogel
    Brief: (PDF 151K)
  7. Families’ efforts to secure the future of their children in the context of multiple stresses, including AIDS
    Scott Drimie and Marisa Casale
    Brief: (PDF 165K)
  8. Global Environmental Change and AIDS: Assessing Effectiveness of Food Security Interventions to Multiple Stresses in Zimbabwe
    Scott Drimie and Sithabiso Gandure
    Brief: (PDF 152K)
  9. Migration, AIDS, and Urban Food Security in Southern and Eastern Africa: Case Studies in Namibia, South Africa, and Ethiopia
    Scott Drimie
    Brief: (PDF 147K)
  10. What is the Potential of Cash Transfers to Strengthen Families affected by HIV and AIDS? A Review of the Evidence on Impacts and Key Policy Debates
    Michelle Adato and Lucy Bassett
    Brief: (PDF 286K)
  11. AIDS Mortality and the Role of Natural Resources in Household Food Security in a Rural District of South Africa
    Wayne Twine and Lori Hunter
    Brief: (PDF 141K)
  12. The Impacts of Adult Death on Child Growth and Nutrition: Evidence from Five Southern African Countries
    Chiara Brunelli, Eric Kenefick , Futoshi Yamauchi
    Brief: (PDF 141K)
  13. Marriage, Schooling, and Excess Mortality in Prime-Age Adults: Evidence from South Africa
    Futoshi Yamauchi
    Brief: (PDF 141K)
  14. Marriage Behavior Response to Prime-age Adult Mortality: Evidence from Malawi
    Mika Ueyama and Futoshi Yamauchi
    Brief: (PDF 141K)
  15. Impact of Prime-Age Adult Mortality on Labor Supply: Evidence from Adolescents and Women in South Africa
    Futoshi Yamauchi, Thabani Buthelezi, Myriam Velia
    Brief: (PDF 126K)
  16. Does the Role of Education in HIV Prevention Differ by the Epidemic Stage? Evidence from 14 African Countries
    Mika Ueyama
    Brief: (PDF 142K)
  17. Gender, Food Security and AIDS in Internally Displaced People’s Camps in Uganda: Implications for HIV Responsive Policy and Programming
    Paul Bukuluki, Firminus Mugumya, Stella Neema, Agatha Kafuko, and Eric Ochen
    Brief: (PDF 151K)
  18. Landownership and Food Security in Uganda: A study of land use and control among households of women living with HIV in four districts
    Robert Kabumbuli, Jotham Mubangizi, Fred Kindi, James Ssebuliba
    Brief: (PDF 151K)