A prerequisite for successful "outreach" is successful "inreach". Up to now, RENEWAL's "inreach" approach of forging links between researchers and practitioners has been very successful. This process helps ensure that national research priorities are generated by those who most need the answers. As such, policymakers, civil society, and community-based groups are not simply targets of post-research results dissemination; they are round the table from the beginning and in constant communication, through the national networks, with the ongoing research and emerging results. This will continue.

In addition, a new communications strategy has been developed in liaison with IFPRI's Communications Division, focusing on:

  • Messages - Targeted dissemination of important research results and innovative research methods to promote capacity-strengthening, fill research gaps, and encourage policy change.
  • Stakeholders - For each participating country as well as for the international community the strategy will determine the target groups for communication. Priority is given to those target groups with the biggest potential contribution in the shortest possible time.
  • Tools - The communications messages will be conveyed in a form that is most effective to the specific target group (e.g. round-table discussions, conference; town hall meetings, press briefing; fact sheets, brochures, video)