Governance Model

The governance of RENEWAL is grounded in country and regional processes. The architecture comprises national networks, each coordinated by a network coordinator (NC) who liaises with national advisory panels (NAPs), researchers, policymakers and other stakeholders.

The National Advisory Panel (NAP) is a non-statutory, multi-sectoral national advisory body whose primary purpose is to guide and endorse RENEWAL activities at the national level, ensuring synergy between RENEWAL's regional priorities and activities and national needs and objectives. The NAP plays a critical advisory role at the country level. All RENEWAL activities within the country are guided and agreed to by the NAP. It is through representation on the NAP - along with the recommendations from periodic stakeholder workshops -- that the major stakeholders and other relevant actors can both bring research priorities to the table and feed research findings into the policy arena. Membership comprises representatives from key relevant organizations, including government, academia and civil society. The figure below shows the governance structure of RENEWAL.

Chart of RENEWAL Governance Structure